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Monday, 30 May 2011

Links 4 Hour Results & Photos

What a great day for racing bikes! Sunny, warm, with a nice cool breeze. Thanks to all that came out and raced, an even bigger thanks to all the volunteers who made this event happen. Trails were dry and running fast.

Hope to see you all back next year to try and squeeze in a just a few more laps.

Race Results: (total laps completed) 

Isabelle Allen 5
Matt Allen 6

Brandon Curry 9
Lonny Curry 7
Norm Adams 9
Nancy Munro 7
Anya Munro  5
Kirk Long  7
Frank Woodworth 7
Matt Rockwell  8
Aaron Neaves  8
Mark MacDonals 9
Sarah Spencer 6
Tyler Jones  9
Greg Towndrow 7
Chris Price  9
Dave Marshall  8
Luke Nicholes 6
Jacob  Meisner 7

Kids Results: (total laps completed) 

Jeremy Allen 12
Ty Hutchinson 7
Mason Hutchinson 11