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Friday, 23 December 2011

Jan 1 2012: Cape Splitting Headache Ride!

First off, happy holidays to all and big thanks to everyone who was involved in our events this 2011 season. It was a great time and we have even bigger plans for 2012!!

So to kick off the new year there will be a group ride on Jan. 1 starting at 11:00 at Cape Split! Come on out and shake off your holiday partying and welcome in the new riding season.

Cape split is an awesome ride all year round, even better when it's frozen solid and rolling fast. (and better yet DRY!)

Pack some hot chocolate and snacks for the ride and be ready for fun! This will be a mellow pace and welcoming to riders of all skill levels.

If we get a bunch of snow, the ride will still be on but swap the tires for your snow shoes!

Any questions please email us at or ask Colin over at Valley Stove and Cycle in Wolfville.