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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gorge XC Race - all the details.

Race is on for this Sunday and  I can tell you for sure it is going to be a very good time!
Event info: Meet a the end of Gladys Porter Drive, Kentville.  We'll open registration around 8:00 and hope to start the race between 10:00 and 10:30. We'll register people right up to 10:00. Cost is $25 or $20 for AVMBA members.
Race sponsored by Michelin Tire, Dakine, Crystal Clear Bookkeeping, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Valley Stove and Cycle and Norco Bicycles.
If you need a race license we will have one event memberships to Bicycle Nova Scotia available for $20.
Any questions please email Ryan

Official Pre-Ride:
Friday night starting at 6:00. Meet at the end of Gladys Porter Drive for a guided tour of the race course!

Course Details:
This years course is a huge departure from what we've run in previous years and will offer somethign for everoyne. I'm really excited about this track. It's staggering how many changes have been made form last season. 
Highlights for me include the new River Crossing near the Free Ride Park. BIg thanks to Michelin Tire for their donation that payed for this project! Not only will you keep your feet dry the big climb on the other side of the bank is a whole lot easier now a you carry much more speed in to the hill.  Oh and speaking of that hill.. the climbing turn at the top has been re-profiled and can be cleared with a bit less fuss now!

Our Friends at Michelin also helped us out on this other project a full reroute of the lower-middle trail. As many of you know the old middle trails (between the two woods roads) are a mess. Wet and muddy more often they when they are dry.
Well not so much any more! The new lower-middle trail has been punched in and it's great! We Kept a few sections of the old trail but have bypassed the vast majority of the wet sections. A re-route for the upper section is planned for 2012.

Bridges! This years course has six brand new bridges. All cut form windfall on site. SWEET!

With the layout we're running this year the course will be faster, have more flow and way less mud then ever before. Expect most riders to do a lap in about 20-30 minutes. Here is what the race lap looks like. (Follow the arrows from where it says "Start/Finish" and click to see full size)