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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Gorge XC Post Race Report


For once we ended up having a dry race! It seems like forever ago the last time we raced in Kentville on fast dry trails. The course was the in the best shape I have ever seen it in, and the racers loved the course.

The times were smoking fast! The elite riders were smashing out lap times well under 20 minutes. I guess next year we're going to need to use a little longer track if it's going to be dry!

41 racers braved the course and they all left smiling. Big thanks to every on who helped put this even together, raced, cheered on the riders, we couldn't do it with out you.

We'll be back again for 2012 and have some big plans for the winter. So book next labour day weekend off, your going to want to spend it at the Gorge!

We should have more photos from the race up in the next few days but for now I'll leave you with some podium shots.

Official race results at the bottom.


A Men, six laps.

Place Name Club Time (h:m:s)
1 Andrew L’esperance Norco Factory         1:33:20
2 Jamie Lamb Louis Garneau         1:33:39
3 Terry Tomlin Opus         1:38:39
4 Martin Austin Ind.                 1:41:50
5 Jeff Simms Louis Garneau         1:42:03
6 Brandon Curry Valley Stove & Cycle     1:42:28
7 Randal Gray Cyclesmith         1:50:20
8 Bruce Roberts Hub Cycle          1:51:09
9 Chris Price Lunenburng Bike Barn        1:52:49
10 Rob Klue Cyclesmoth         1:57:50
-- Greg Tandrow Lunenburng Bike Barn DNF
A  Female, four laps.
Place Name Club Time
1 Enid Schaller Cyclesmith 1:28:55
B  Men, four laps.
Place Name Club Time
1 Isac Benvie Hub Cycle           1:12:09
2 Tyler D’Arcey Hub Cycle                 1:12:29
3 Brent Noble Hub Cycle          1:13:14
4 Aaron Neaves Pictou County Cycle      1:14:59
5 Lucas McCulloch Spoke NS         1:16:42
6 Dave Marshall Valley Stove & Cycle         1:17:27
7 Mark MacDonald Pictou County Cycle      1:17:55
8 Conor Scallion Hub Cycle         1:18:47
9 Dave Lutz Ind.                 1:20:50
10 Colin Banks Valle Stove & Cycle 1:22:57
11 Simon Mayatt Cyclesmith            1:29:45
B  Female, three laps.
Place Name Club Time
1 Odette Comeau Cyclesmith          1:05:56
2 Mackenzie Myatt Cyclesmith          1:06:56
C  Male, three laps.
Place Name Club Time
1 Luc Comeau Cyclesmith         1:00:30
2 Jim Brittian Valley Stove & Cycle      1:00:54
3 Colin Greig Ind.                 1:05:04
4 Lonny Curry Valley Stove & Cycle        1:14:59
5 Derek Ozon Cyclesmith             1:16:08
6 Mike Strang Ind.                  1:28:12
7  Urs Ritter Ind.                  1:33:30

U15  Male, two laps.
Place Name Club Time
1 Eligah Belliveau Hub Cycle          0:40:51
2 Liam Whitman Cyclesmith          0:42:11
U15  Female, two laps.
Place Name Club Time
1 Anya Munro Cyclesmith          1:20:46
U13  Male, one lap.
Place Name Club Time
1 Iam Myatt Cyclesmith         0:21:10
2 Noah Patrigquin Hub Cycle         0:21:22
3 Jerry Allen Cyclesmith          0:28:59
4 Jack Morrison Hub Cycle          0:37:28
U13  Female, one lap.
Place Name Club Time
1 Maura Whitman Cyclesmith           0:31:42
2 Isabelle Allen Cyclesmith          0:34:58