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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Anima Mundi - Gaspereau Mountain Updates

If you haven't had a chance or haven't been up recently go check out the trails at 360 East Davidson St. on the Gaspereau Mountain. Anima Mundi (formally known as Glenn's Trails or GUMBA) has just received a round of upgrades thanks in part to TrailFlow Outdoor Adventures.

Anima Mundi is a fairly flat trail system with few climbs. What it lacks in elevation it makes up in corners! Lots of fun, rolling, twisty trail to be found here. 

Overall this trail system is suitable for intermediate level riders or beginners with a good skills base. There are some fun bridges and log rides here too.

The current entrance is just beyond the drive way at 360 East Davidson St. Please park along side the road. Look for the trail head just off the road on the same side as the drive way. 

We'll be doing some of our AVMBA group rides out of Anima Mundi this season and we're sure you'll enjoy your self!
Recent Upgrades Include: 

- In trail maps and mapping of the main trail loops
- Bridge retrofits and extensions
- Short sections have been realigned for better flow and drainage
- Clearing of a trail head area
- Building and installation of trail map board and log bench